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I have a model Animal in Yii which has two relations, mainRace and secondaryRace, both of them being an instance of the Race model.

How can this be translated into the relations array of Animal model aswell as in the Race model?

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Looks like you'd need a many to many relationship, so you'll need one more table (animal_race).

See the Yii Relational page for more info on how to setup a MANY_MANY

Edit: if you're wanting to limit the animal to only two races, then you'd probably want to have a main_race_id / secondary_race_id in the Animal model (assuming an animal can only ever be in two races, what if the animal is entered in multiple events?).

And then you'd use a BELONGS_TO setup. That way you can easily find all the animals for a given race using a HAS_MANY relationship.

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Yes, I know about many to many relationships, but this would allow to an Animal model to have more than two instances of Race, which is not the desired behavior. Also, they are semantically different as one is main race and the other secondary. I think that I did not express the goal of the question very well. – Manuel Pedrera May 9 '12 at 19:52
See my edit for a suggestion – acorncom May 14 '12 at 3:24

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