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What's the difference between:

function foo ([int] i, [string] s) { ... }


function foo { 
    param (
        [int] i,
        [string] s
    { ... }

The help on MSDN does not explain this. Thanks!

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Except for convenience, there's no difference. Both ways are valid. Using param (in my opinion) is more readable especially in advanced functions where a parameter declaration may contain a few lines of code and you can use indentation and line breaks.

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Param statements are needed in scripts and scriptblocks, where there's not a natural place to define parameters like there would be in a function. Manojlds is correct that you have a lot of opportunities to use advanced function "options" to supercharge your function parameters if you use a param statement that you can't use in the more traditional parameter list.

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No difference in this case. You might need to use the param declaration for advanced function parameters

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