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I am currently working on an application for managing a WPD device. I want to add an option to open the wpd device in windows explorer to view the saved files. Problem is that I can't find a way to open explorer pointing to the device's "folder". I have all information of the device (pnp device id, class name, etc.) Anybody knows a solution?

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What is "WPD"? (I assume you don't mean Word Perfect Document.) – Richard Jul 7 '09 at 15:26
WPD stands for "Windows Portable Devices" in this case. – BerndDA Jul 12 '09 at 12:00

Someone seems to have posted an answer similar to this:

WPD equivalent of WIA DeviceDlg

also you could try enumerating all the children of the "My Computer" node - WPD devices usually show up there.

Start with the desktop and then enumerate the my computer node and then the children of that. Maybe there is a property that will enable you to pick the child of My Computer that corresponds to the WPD device.

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