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I am planning to write an abstract class kind of thing for testing all my DTOs and DOMAIN objects. This class will take in templatable onject(generic type)and use reflection to get the types of the properties within and will assign some default values to the primitive types identified and later will assert these type values by accessing them. This way when ever my DTO tests inherit this class , most ofthe code is tested with one line of code written in the test. This is just an idea and want to know from you all if I am reinventing the wheel if something like this already exists? If there is a better way to test DTO's and domain object with less and resuable code

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if i understood you correctly you try to test if the mapping beween domainobject and dto is complete ie no attribute is missing/lost. if you add the programminglanguage to you question there might be already a solution for this. From my experience in .dot its only worth the efford if you have many dtos( > 20). your testapi must consider properties to be excluded from conversion and order of collections that might differ – k3b May 9 '12 at 14:00

I don't think that this is a good approach for testing Domain objects. By definition, these objects encapsulate data and related behavior, they suppose to be much more than just dumb data containers with getters and setters. You will have to hand write unit tests for these objects just like you hand-wrote the objects themselves. This is where you actually suppose to be spending time according to DDD.

Regarding DTOs you may want to look at this question.

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I agree about Domain object testing. One more small question. If few of my Domain objects are just get/set can they be used as DTO also. can I use domain objects as dto for different cases for my webservices. – user1383012 May 9 '12 at 17:15
I would not use domain objects as DTO because it will couple your web service consumers to your Domain objects. This will cause issues when you want to evolve your domain without affecting web service clients. – Dmitry May 9 '12 at 17:23

My advice :

  • Don't unit test DTO's. These are just simple data structures with a bunch of getters and setters and no behavior. Getters and setters are too dumb to be tested (unless they encapsulate some kind of conditional logic which is rarely the case with DTO's).

  • Don't try to automate or genericize your domain object tests. I can't see how code that tests their behavior can be reused anyway since they all have a different behavior by definition.

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