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I am working with a qr code generator and I need the image (the generate qr code) to swap out when the user hits the 'generate code' button. So I need the image src to become both the textarea value and the error correction value combined, as well as url encoded.

Here is what I have:

    <script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
    var $qr_image = $('#qr-image');
    var $qr_text = $('#qr-text');
    var $qr_elc = $('#qr-elc');

    $.qrGenerate = function() {
        $qr_image.attr('src', '$qr_text.val' + '$qr_elc.val');

the line below is where my troubles come from. Right now when I click the button I get: "http://urlblahblah/$qr_text.val$qr_elc.val"

$qr_image.attr('src', '$qr_text.val' + '$qr_elc.val');

I also know the encoding is done by using escape('');, but I am not sure where to put this. Thanks for the help!

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when you put quotes around a variable it becomes a string, you should use variable name without quotation marks:

$.qrGenerate = function() {
    $qr_image.attr('src', $qr_text.val() + $qr_elc.val());
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Thank you! Both of you were right, I chose who answered first for the correct one. :) It works, I appreciate it. Funny how one little mark can ruin everything. – anubis May 8 '12 at 20:41

As you are using quotation-marks around your values you are combining two strings $qr_text.val and $qr_elc.val(), thus your result. Get rid of the ' around your values and you should be fine:

$qr_image.attr('src', $qr_text.val() + $qr_elc.val());
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