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As Mozilla states on the TouchEvent page:

The event's target is the same element that received the touchstart event corresponding to the touch point, even if the touch point has moved outside that element.

This is not the same as mousemove and mouseup, where the target really is the DOM element that the mouse is over.

What's the best way, without using any library, to get the element that my touchmove or touchend event occurs on?

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Read the coordinates (pageX and pageY) from the event object. Then use document.elementFromPoint(x, y) to get the top element at that position.

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pageX and pageY are properties of a Touch object, which is an element in a TouchList, which is the TouchEvent.touches property. –  Rob W May 8 '12 at 21:11
... which does not exist in some browsers (i.e.: chrome for Android). –  Mister Smith Jul 15 '13 at 9:48

document.elementFromPoint method does not return the right DOM element in case of touchmoving over an iframe, becouse you get pageX and pageY relative to iframe, not to document!!! So I don't see any way to work this out with iframes.

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