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How do I retrieve a Boolean value in dataset, I'm using visual studio 2003,I am trying the following, but it's not working:

//if product inactive, don't display, and redirect to main page

I even tried, but not working:

if((dbDataSet.Tables["productGeneral"].Rows[0]["Active"].toString() == false)

the columns name is ["active"], the value with in column is either True or False, using sql server 2000

please help

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You need to cast to a bool directly, and just check using that.

Have you tried?:

if(((bool)dbDataSet.Tables["productGeneral"].Rows[0]["Active"] == false))

If it's a bool, you'll want to cast the result to a bool directly.

The first fails since 0 is an Int32, not a Boolean. They are not comparable in C#, since they're distinct types. The second fails since ToString() turns the result into a string, and you're comparing a string to a bool, which again will not work.

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Thank you so much for helping me out:) –  Developer Jun 26 '09 at 19:16

Try out the following

   if (Convert.ToBoolean(dbDataSet.Tables["productGeneral"].Rows[0]["Active"]) == true)
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