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Is there a way to synchronize output to standard output streams (be it C's stdout or C++'s std::cout) between unrelated processes so that the output of unrelated processes does not get interspersed?

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Depends on what you mean by unrelated. The processes can be unrelated in the sense that there is no parent/child relationship but they still have to be programmed to cooperate in some way, be that a semaphore, mutex, file lock, or whatever. There is no secret system call (that I am aware of) that will automatically synchronise two separate streams from two separate processes.

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Although there is a function named sync_with_stdio, this does not do what you're thinking.

You will need to use some OS-provided synchronization primitives like boost::scoped_lock with boost::mutex (within one process) or the Boost.MPI primitives for inter-process synchronization.

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