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I am new to VB. I am testing some old VB code. The code is as follows -

  Public GlobalCommArea() As Byte
  'GlobalCommArea is set to some value

Now, I want to see the contents of this GlobalCommArea variable. (By the way, is it a variable?)

So I tried

  outputBox.Text = GlobalCommArea

But the outputBox (which is a textbox) didn't show anything. What should I do to print the contents of GlobalCommArea into the textbox?

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What does the buffer contain? If it's ASCII text, Tom's answer will work fine. If anythign else, you'll need to tell us before we can give a better answer. –  Deanna May 9 '12 at 11:30

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The Byte data type is an array of bytes actually. You need to convert it to a string. Use this to convert it:

outputBox.Text = StrConv(GlobalCommArea, vbUnicode)

Depending on what's stored in GlobalCommArea you may have to change the vbUnicode parameter.

Hope this helps

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Also remember that null characters will cause the value to be truncated in the TextBox. –  Deanna May 9 '12 at 11:31

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