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I am moving my application from IIS 6.0/Windows Server 2003 to IIS 7.5/Windows Server 2008 R2 and it use the WebSuperGoo ABCpdf control to convert web pages into printable PDFs.

When I browse to the page that converts the webpage to a PDF, it generates a PDF of a "Navigation to the web was cancelled" error page.

I am using the version of the ABCpdf and changed the namespace in the page from WebSupergoo.ABCpdf7 to WebSupergoo.ABCpdf.

Has anyone expected this issue and know how to solve it?

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I just encountered the same error and my co-worker had an immediate answer. In my case it was that the website was protected with a password by IIS.

ABCpdf does not know how to enter credential information so it won't work if the page is asking for username/password.

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I have abandoned ABC PDF all together and replaced it with Winnovative HTML to PDF Convertor for .NET

We renewed our redistributable license because another developer within our company was using an older version and mentioned it would be a good replacement for ABC PDF.

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This could also be that the server cant see the website URL. this is normal on production servers running a NAT. Just change the hostfile on the server to allow the domain to resolve.

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