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I am looking for a solution to do this in Perl.

Example: If my string is:

my $content = 'toto /app/blah titi\nhuh/app/ttt wew';

and my pattern is: /app/something I want to get as output in an array: /app/blah and /app/ttt.

(which is basically what grep -E -o '\/app\/[a-z]*' does)

I can't get it work ! I tried:

my $content = 'toto /app/blah titi\nhuh/app/ttt wew';
$content =~ m/(\/app\/[a-z]*)/;
print "Group: $1 $2\n";

but this only prints: /app/blah (not /app/ttt)

and anyway, I don't know how to put the results in a table:

my (@table) = @_;

the table does not contain anything!


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You want to use the /g modifier to make the regular expression return all the matches as a list:

@table = $content =~ m/(\/app\/[a-z]*)/g;
print "Group: @table\n";

Also, @_ does not have anything to do with regular expressions. Rather, it is the list of parameters that was passed to the current subroutine.

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And from the command line you want: [ "$(printf 'a0 b1\nc2 a3\n' | perl -ne 'print m/a./g')" = "a0a3" ] || exit 1 –  Ciro Santilli Mar 14 at 12:10

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