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According to the Meteor documentation....

collection.insert(doc, [callback])

callback Function

Optional. If present, called with an error object as the first argument and the _id as the second.

...then later down...

On the server, if you don't provide a callback, then insert blocks until the database acknowledges the write, or throws an exception if something went wrong. If you do provide a callback, insert returns immediately. Once the insert completes (or fails), the callback is called with error and result arguments, same as for methods.

Which is it, error and _id or error and result? I do have Meteor.methods that are firing their callbacks correctly with error, result available to the scope.

I just can't get the callback to work correctly on a collection.insert(doc, [callback])

Either way I can't get my callback to register anything?

function insertPost(args) {
  if(args) { 
    post_text = args.text.slice(0,140);
    var ts = Date.now();  
      post: post_text,
      created: ts
    }, function(error, _id){
      // or try function(error, result) and still get nothing 
      // console.log('result: ' + result);
      console.log('error: ' + error);
      console.log('_id: ' + _id); //this._id doesn't work either


What am I doing wrong? I have been up since 2 am coding...6 pm my time zone...I am blurry, so I might (probably) be missing something quite obvious.

Cheers Steeve

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This was a bug, fixed in the next release. Now, if you provide a callback to insert, it will be called with error and result arguments, where result is the ID of the new document, or null if there's an error.

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Since this is serverside code you can just do:

var id = Posts.insert({data}); // will block until insert is complete

and the id will be available.

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thank you, that is what I went with. Though I want to do more of a callback style in the future. They said it will be avail in the future for those interested. –  Steeve Cannon May 9 '12 at 11:32

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