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I decided to merge several of my projects into one project using the same code base and use different targets for the different versions of my application.

My application is translated to 7 languages with English as default. The other languages are: Swedish, Dutch, German, French, Polish and Spanish. The translations worked like a charm before. I am using the NSLocalizedString and have my Localizable.strings which is translated. However, now that I merged my projects together, and also added the InfoPlist.strings file, the application incists on using the default texts (English). When I start the application and get the "share location" question, I get the question in the localized language (So the OS does get the localization), but the rest of the application is still in English.

The files are correctly translation and have no errors. I have tested several languages, but all are in English. If I set the CFBundleDevelopmentRegion to e.g. Swedish, the whole app is in Swedish instead. So the localizations work, but the app ignores the system setting.

Am I missing something?

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Try to Clean project and rebuild app after that. –  Maxim Mikheev May 9 '12 at 3:44
did that maybe a 100 times as well. –  Paul Peelen May 9 '12 at 5:26

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I found the answer to my problem. I have several strings files, one for my app translation, and one for each target called InfoPlist.strings which contains just CFBundleDisplayName and CFBundleName for localized app name. These cannot be included into the Localizable.strings since these are different for each target.

I removed the InfoPlist.strings files from my project and now the app is localized again.

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