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I am using TeamCity 4.5.1 to build and deploy an ASP.Net application to development.

This is working perfectly so far, however, my manager has asked that I tag the folder with the specific SVN Revision from which the source was compiled.

I am using an MSBuild script to do the build and deployment, however, I am unable to successfully retrieve the build number.

Here is the MSBuild command I'm using (sanitized):

<Exec Command="&gt;\\server08\D$\Websites\MYPROJECT\version.txt echo %env.BUILD_VCS_NUMBER%,%env.BUILD_VCS_NUMBER.1%,,,,,,%env.TEAMCITY_VCS_NUMBER_MYPROJECT_Web_Root%" />

Version.txt turns up like this:


Aka, empty. What am I doing wrong? Any better way to do this?

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%env.XYZ% is TeamCity's method of referring to the environment variables, if you want to use them in ITS settings anywhere.

In a batch file or via msbuild, you only want the XYZ part.

echo %BUILD_VCS_NUMBER% > \\path\to\version.txt
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Yay! That worked. – John Gietzen Jul 10 '09 at 23:13

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