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How would I pass a variable to an iframe which is on the same domain.

The most logical way I can think of would be to use a session variable or cookie?

To put this in context it is the category of a wordpress page.

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You can access the parent window using the parent keyword in javascript


var newValue = parent.getElementById('inputValue').value;

accessing the child window is also possible

var iframeElement = document.getElementById("MyFrame");

var ifram = (iframeElement.contentWindow) ? iframeElement.contentWindow : (iframeElement.contentDocument.document) ? iframeElement.contentDocument.document : iframeElement.contentDocument;
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It does depend on what type of variable you are trying to pass... Javascript, PHP, or does it matter to you?

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PHP would be best. –  Mr D May 8 '12 at 22:25

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