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I would like to test the external endpoints of a rest api written in java but I would like to run tests from javascript for the possibility of sharing js code and maybe the testing framework with our client web application. Is there a good library out there to make this easier so I don't have to reinvent the wheel?

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I use restler as the http client


and mocha for TDD/BDD


Writing a test is very simple there is almost no boilerplate involved even though it is not actually a framework per se

test('/authenticate service should authenticate user', function(done) {

    var myService = service.getLocator().authenticate;
    var params = {username: "...", password: "..."};
    service.postJson(myService.host, '/authenticate', params, function(data, response) {

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Hmm this does look like a promising combo, I didn't think of combining the http client with another framework duh –  zanedev May 9 '12 at 23:24

I haven't tried it yet but the node.js version of VCR https://github.com/elcuervo/vcr.js looks promising.

Although I would just stub the responses if it's not too complex.

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