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I want to replace the code snippet between two custom tag (@Start, @End) with empty tag.

public class MyClass{ 
private String name; 
private String age; 

private String address; 
private String phoneNumber; 


These tags are available in multiple files.

Is it possible using maven ? I was looking at which is used for replacing text/value, i don't think this can be used for replacing content. am i right ? Do we have any other way of doing it ?

Regards Pankaj

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As i answered on the maven users list use the maven-replaces-plugin and put it into the correct lifecycle-phase (prepare-sources etc.) and use the buildhelper-plugin to add the target folder where the filtered/converted sources has been put into. That should work...depending on what you like to achieve the advise of bmargulies might be worth to consider.

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Write a maven plugin. Apache Mahout, for example, as a maven plugin which runs Apache Velocity to generate source code from templates.

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