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I am trying to pass a NSNumber into a UInt32 variable, it seems to work but when I go to log the UInt32's value I get stuck.

this is what my code looks like.

if ([methodName isEqualToString:@"Manu"]) {
        cacheNumber = [cacheValue objectForKey:@"Manus"];

        NSLog(@"%@", cacheNumber); // This produces the correct number

    UInt32 CACHE_VALUE = [cacheNumber intValue];
    NSLog(@"%@", CACHE_VALUE); // This is where my thread gets stuck

This is the message that it produces when I try to step through the second NSLog (as I have breakpoints on both logs to check their output).

Single stepping until exit from function objc_msgSend, which has no line number information.

any help would be greatly appreciated

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The problem is in your NSLog. CACHE_VALUE isn't an object. –  Hot Licks May 9 '12 at 1:11

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You print a NSString not a UInt.

    NSLog(@"%lu", CACHE_VALUE); // This is where my thread gets stuck
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ohh crap.. I should have seen that.. my bad. what a noob. thank you. –  C.Johns May 9 '12 at 1:14
will accept your answer shortly. actualy just tried this in xcode, it told me to use @"%lu",... so I updated your solution –  C.Johns May 9 '12 at 1:14

As you're logging an integer and not an object, ie. an NSString, you should use the %d (decimal) placeholder instead of %@ (object).

NSLog(@"Value: %d", CACHE_VALUE);
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