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I have a mongoose and connect-mongo module instance in ym app. I am using the connect-mongo module to have a session store persisted in a mongodb database (mongohq) instead of a memory store.

Everytime I try to access my app when the server is launched (facebook auth with everyauth) I get the following:

500 MongoError: Error: unauthorized db:express-sessions lock type:-1 client:

My user name, password are good.

var conf = {
  db: {
    db: 'express-sessions',
    host: '',
    port: 10072,  // optional, default: 27017
    username: 'admin', // optional
    password: 'admin', // optional
    collection: 'facebookSessions' // optional, default: sessions
  secret: '076ee61d63aa10a125ea872411e433b9'

    secret: conf.secret,
    maxAge: new Date( + 3600000),
    store: new MongoStore(conf.db)

Edit, this seems to be an issue with my mongohq. I modified the collection for an older one and it works.

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I was facing a similar error using Heroku and Mongolab.

I resolved it by manually create a new database user with the mongolab web admin.

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I actually did this a it worked. – guiomie Jun 26 '12 at 18:45
To clarify: I added a user to the database, not a new user to my mongoHQ account to resolve this. – Matt Kneiser Jan 5 '13 at 8:43

It sounds like the db was started with --auth but the user has not been granted access to the db.

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Hi, it says "You must either have added a user to the admin db before starting the server with authentication, or add the first user from the localhost interface (you cannot add the first user from a connection that is not local with respect to mongod)." ... how can I do this with mongohq ? – guiomie May 10 '12 at 2:38

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