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I am new to shell scripting and I need some help on the following problem:

I have script. It has a global variable defined as follows:


Then, in a method, I am changing the values for these variables:




I want test_function2 to print "user2" instead of "user1" because in the test_function I have renamed the variable value to "user2", but when I run it, it is always giving me "user1" as the output. What am I doing wrong here?

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echo $ARCHIVE_USER should be better in your test_function2(). Or you can use "export" to set the to the entire environment. Example : export ARCHIVE_USER=user1. – Depado May 10 '12 at 8:13
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This script works as you expect it should, i.e. it prints "B".




    echo $TEST


So, my question to you is how are you calling your test_function()?

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Yes, you are correct, i have given a sample script here, in my original script, before asigning value B to TEST variable, test_b is called by some other function. that has making the problem. your answer helped me to nail down the issue. thanks for your time... – KItis May 9 '12 at 3:34

You should define those function in the same environment.

If you put them in different scripts, and run them by /path/to/ and /path/to/script_2. They will not affect each other. Because they run in different environment.

You should read more about subshell/subprocess.

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