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Suppose the following model :

class Product 
 include MongoMapper::Document

 key :name, String
 key :product_category_id, ObjectId

 belongs_to :product_category

class ProductCategory
 include MongoMapper::Document

 key :name, String, :required => true, :unique => true


I want to implement an advanced search that will inspect all value inside my Model including its all association like : I have :

  • Product A data named "aLaptop" belongs_to:ProductCategory named "Notebook".
  • Product B data named "aGreatNotebook" belongs_to:ProductCategory named "Notebook".

When I search with keyword named "Notebook", I want to search it to Product.name fields and also its associations which mean ProductCategory.name also. So it will returned both of that items, because Product A have ProductCategory.name "Notebook" & Product B have Product.name "aGreatNotebook" and ProductCategory "Notebook"..

How can I do this?? I've already searching for 2 days and not success until now:(.. When is in MySQL, I used join table.. But hows in MongoMapper??

Please help.. Thank you..

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You can't do joins in MongoDB. So the basic idea is to get the ObjectId associated with the "Notebook" category and then to query the products where product_category is equal to notebook_id. This generally involves two queries. So that'd be something like this:

notebook_id = ProductCategory.first(:name => "Notebook")
if notebook_id
  Product.where({:product_category_id => notebook_id['_id']})
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Thanks Kyle Banker.. Thats exactly I was thinking, but how about if there is many association like 'Brands' in Product either than 'Product_Category'.. That means we must querying 3 times for each model to get its _ids ?? (1. Querying for ProductCategory._ids, Brand._ids, Product).. –  Ronny Sugianto May 10 '12 at 8:17
Not really, you can use $in. ids = ProductCategory.where(:name => {:$in => ["Notebook", "Brands"]}). Unless I'm misunderstanding your question... –  Kyle Banker May 10 '12 at 19:49
No, I mean 'Brands' is a another model, like 'Apple, Samsung, etc':).. And ProductCategoy is like 'Notebook, Printer, etc..'.. But both of them is associate with 'Product' model.. All I was thinking is how to get all keys of Product, ProductCategory, and Brand Model so I can search with only using single query :).. –  Ronny Sugianto May 11 '12 at 7:09
If this information resides in more than one collection, then there's no way to do this in a single query (although MongoMapper's API might make it appear that way). –  Kyle Banker May 14 '12 at 15:49
Hmm, okey then.. Thank you Kyle for your help :) –  Ronny Sugianto May 20 '12 at 7:36

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