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OS: Windows 8 Consumer Preview
IDE: Visual Studio 11 Beta

I create a Blank Application(Windows Metro style).
And add Google Doc API sample code. (It is below)
It occur compile Error.(Cannot find type System.ComponentModel.ExpandableObjectConverter in module System.dll)

But When I create a Console Application(Windows), don't occur compile Error and Google Doc API working good.

Any ideas?

using System;
using Google.GData.Client;
using Google.GData.Documents;

namespace MyDocumentsListIntegration
  class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
      DocumentsService service = new DocumentsService("MyDocumentsListIntegration-v1");

      // TODO: Authorize the service object for a specific user (see Authorizing requests)

      // Instantiate a DocumentsListQuery object to retrieve documents.
      DocumentsListQuery query = new DocumentsListQuery();

      // Make a request to the API and get all documents.
      DocumentsFeed feed = service.Query(query);

      // Iterate through all of the documents returned
      foreach (DocumentEntry entry in feed.Entries)
        // Print the title of this document to the screen
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Argh, I have the same issue... Really need the Google API for a Metro app... How did you solve this? –  Leon Cullens Sep 7 '12 at 23:14

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It appears that the ExpandableObjectConverter class exists in the standard .NET framework, but if you look at the Metro API documentation for System.ComponentModel namespace, that class is not listed and so is not available.

I recommend using the .NET for Metro style apps page to discover what is available when writing a Metro style application.

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