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I'm new in php and mysql. Now i facing a problem is i need search data in a large database, but it take more than 3 minute to search a word, sometime the browser show timeout. I using technique FULLTEXT to do a searching, so any solution to decrease the searching time?

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How large is the database? What does EXPLAIN [sql statement] say? –  Mārtiņš Briedis May 9 '12 at 4:49
You're going to want to include some details, at least: what's the schema/indexes for the table(s) you're querying against, and what's the actual query you're running? –  John Flatness May 9 '12 at 4:51
you can try select requiredFields From tableName where field like '%inputText%' –  Naveen Kumar May 9 '12 at 4:53

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create index for the table field which you will prefer subsequently, even it take some memory space query result should return best results within less time.

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This doesn't answer your question directly but is a suggestion:

I had the same problem with full text search so I switched to SOLR:


It's a search server based on the Lucene library written in Java. It's used by some of the largest scale websites:


So speed and scalability isn't an issue. You don't need to know Java to implement it however. It offers a REST interface that you can query and even gives the option to return the search results in PHP array format.

Here's the official tutorial:


SOLR searches through indexed files so you need to get your database contents into xml or json files. You can use the Data Import Handler extension for that:


To query the REST interface you can simply use get_file_contents() php function or CURL. Or the PHP sdk for SOLR:


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Depends on how big your database is. Adding an index for the field you are searching is the first thing to do.

I have been into the same problem and adding an index for the field worked great.

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