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i have a page on which i am using h:link like

<h:link outcome="countryPages_View.xhtml">
    <img src="images/afghanistan.png" style="border: none;"/>
    <f:param name="SaarcCountryId" value="11" />
    <f:param name="once" value="true" />
    <f:param name="fromPage" value="homePage" />

<h:link outcome="countryPages_View.xhtml">
    <h:graphicImage  url="images/bangladesh.png" style="margin-left:10px;border: none" />
    <f:param name="SaarcCountryId" value="5" />
    <f:param name="once" value="true" />
    <f:param name="fromPage" value="homePage" />

When i click on the image, then url becomes ok. URL becomes like this


Then on my page i am getting values like this

<ui:composition template="./WEB-INF/templates/layout.xhtml">
    <ui:define name="title">SAARC Country View</ui:define>
    <ui:define name="content">
            <f:viewParam name="SaarcCountryId" value="#{countryPages_Setup.cntryid}" />
            <f:viewParam name="once" value="#{countryPages_Setup.onse}" />
            <f:viewParam name="fromPage" value="#{countryPages_Setup.page}}" />
            <f:event type="preRenderView" listener="#{countryPages_Setup.beforeRenderPage}" />
        <h:form id="countryPages" prependId="false">


My bean is like this

public class CountryPages_Setup implements Serializable {
    private String cntryid;
    private String page;
    private String onse;

    public void beforeRenderPage(ComponentSystemEvent event) {
    } //end of beforeRenderPage()

    public CountryPages_Setup() {

    } //end of constructor

    // getter and setter
    public String getCntryid() {
        return cntryid;
    public void setCntryid(String cntryid) {
        this.cntryid = cntryid;
    public String getOnse() {
        return onse;
    public void setOnse(String onse) {
        this.onse = onse;
} //end of class CountryPages_Setup

When my page loads i am getting errors.

javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.el.PropertyNotWritableException: /countryPages_View.xhtml @20,88 value="#{countryPages_Setup.page}}": Illegal Syntax for Set Operation

root cause
javax.faces.component.UpdateModelException: javax.el.PropertyNotWritableException: /countryPages_View.xhtml @20,88 value="#{countryPages_Setup.page}}": Illegal Syntax for Set Operation

root cause
javax.el.PropertyNotWritableException: /countryPages_View.xhtml @20,88 value="#{countryPages_Setup.page}}": Illegal Syntax for Set Operation

Why i am getting this error? I made setter and getter for my view params? Also when page loads then first my constructor call. I want to use these f:param values in my constructor. I think after constructor my beforeRenderPage() method will call. How can i get these values in the constructor so i can use it in my constructor?


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have you generated getter/setter for your page variable ? – Daniel May 9 '12 at 6:01
yes, i didn't post but ofcourse i generated it public void setPage(String page) { this.page = page; } . Getter is also there... – Basit May 9 '12 at 6:10
Tell me one thing. When my page loads and my constructor call then i am doing something like this in the beginning of my constructor page = ""; -> if (page.equalsIgnoreCase("CountryPages_Detail")) {..} else {...}. can it be the problem? I mean to say i have set the value when my constructor called and then i am again try to set the values through f:viewparam. Just a guess, may be i am wrong :) – Basit May 9 '12 at 6:16
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There is a second bracket at the end of the expression: page }}

<f:viewParam name="fromPage" value="#{countryPages_Setup.page}}" />
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:D:D Thanks buddy it worked ;). But first my constructor call and then the beforeRenderPage(). It means now i have to move my code from constructor to beforeRenderPage(). But i noticed one more thing. My beforeRenderPage() method get call two times. I think because of the JSF life cycle. I am calling database functions based on the result of the querystring. It means my database get hit two times. What should i do? Can you give me any suggestion? Thanks :) – Basit May 9 '12 at 6:24

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