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$follows_faelazo = $twitteroauth->get('friendships/exists', array('user_a' => $_SESSION['username'], 'user_b' => 'faelazo'));
    echo 'You are following @faelazo! Proceed to unfollow...';
    $twitteroauth->post('friendships/destroy', array('screen_name' => 'engmohamed_'));

With this code, I can automatically let a twitter user logged in on my website to follow my account, But how can I follow the twitter user. Like I need to reverse the process so that I can automatically follow the logged in user, Is that possible?

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$twitteroauth is created with your users token/secret, so all actions with $twitteroauth are affecting his account.

Just create another $twitteroauth object using your token/secret. (you can either get them somewhere in or just use your application yourself and extract them (if you collect them) )

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