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I have MySQL database of areas in a city. The attributes of each area are: lat , lng, SWLat, SWLng, NELat, NELng.

I need help in writing a query the tells me the area for a given location, which consists of Lat & Lng.

Thanks in advance, Sal.

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Not really enough information, but this would appear to fit the bill:

myLat >= SWLat AND myLat <= NELat AND
myLng >= SWLng AND myLng <= NELng

myLat and myLng are the coordinates of the location for which you are trying to find the containing region.

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Thank you Andrew. It seems to work. Will update when I am able to extensive tests. I was thinking it would be pretty complex similar to proximity formula. Sal. – Shobbi May 10 '12 at 7:41

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