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I have 2 models: Education and College.In college i have name field which admin will enter and and i want this college name to b shown in education form when user types any letter i.e autocomplete textbox with college names

following is the code in my education form.html.haml but i dont know why this code is not working...actually this code was already there when i got this project so not able to understand why autocomplete not working..

= f.label :college_id, "College<em>*</em><small>college name</small>".html_safe
= f.text_field :college_id, :value => (@education.college ? @education.college.full_name : "")
  $(document).ready(function() {   

But this is not giving any output.I am not able to understand what this code is doing?I am using jquery,autocomplete.js for this.. What should i write to get autocopmleted list of college names.Do i have to define colleges_names_arr method in the education model which will have all the college names from college model?

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I would recommend using jQueryui. Very easy to use and you get the total handle of things. Watch this video, vimeo.com/21045304 –  beck03076 May 9 '12 at 8:47

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Try chosen library which converts dropdown to autocomplete here you are showing college name to be autocomplete you can use collection select and use chosen. It will solve your purpose.

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