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Range validator is used for string,integer and date.Can anybody give me ,min and max value of them?

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possible of duplication stackoverflow.com/questions/6236677/… –  Rami Shareef May 9 '12 at 7:40
Can you explain more detailed what you need to know? –  Tim Schmelter May 9 '12 at 7:42
If string,what is minvalue and max value? –  Jui Test May 9 '12 at 7:44

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min and max length is euqal lenght of the int and double type...

Range validator control is a validator control which checks to see if a control value is within a valid range. The attributes that are necessary to this control are: MaximumValue, MinimumValue, and Type.

The RangeValidator control throws an exception if the value specified by the MaximumValue or MinimumValue property cannot be converted to the data type specified by the Type property.

RangeValidator is not a good validator to validate the length of the string.You'd better use RegularExpressionValidator to validate it.


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Use the MaximumValue property to specify the maximum value of the validation range. If the value specified by this property fails to convert to the data type specified by the BaseCompareValidator.Type property, an exception is thrown.

So for instance, if you set the Type to Integer it would throw an exception if the value would be greater than Int32.MaxValue.

If string,what is minvalue and max value?

Here's the javascript RangeValidator function:

function RangeValidatorEvaluateIsValid(val) {
    var value = ValidatorGetValue(val.controltovalidate);
    if (ValidatorTrim(value).length == 0)
        return true;
    return (ValidatorCompare(value, val.minimumvalue, "GreaterThanEqual", val) &&
            ValidatorCompare(value, val.maximumvalue, "LessThanEqual", val));

As you'll see it compares ACSII codes for strings. ASCII values of '0' to '9' are 48 to 57, the ASCII values of 'a' to 'z' are 97 to 122 , and the ASCII values of 'A' to 'Z' are 65 to 90. So MinimumValue and MaximumValue are the lower- and upper-bounds for these ASCII Codes in which the validator is` valid.

function ValidatorCompare(operand1, operand2, operator, val) {
    var dataType = val.type;
    var op1, op2;
    if ((op1 = ValidatorConvert(operand1, dataType, val)) == null)
        return false;   
    if (operator == "DataTypeCheck")
        return true;
    if ((op2 = ValidatorConvert(operand2, dataType, val)) == null)
        return true;
    switch (operator) {
        case "NotEqual":
            return (op1 != op2);
        case "GreaterThan":
            return (op1 > op2);
        case "GreaterThanEqual":
            return (op1 >= op2);
        case "LessThan":
            return (op1 < op2);
        case "LessThanEqual":
            return (op1 <= op2);
            return (op1 == op2);           


Note that you need an additional RequiredFieldValidator if you want to validate empty text.

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