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I have implemented Full Text Search on one of Sql Server 2008 Table. Query works fine when search some words using contains.

I want to filter out the result on the basis of Rank functionality of Full Text Search. I am writing the following query

SELECT rank, * FROM Mas_text
 WHERE CONTAINS(text, 'Wanted and Engineers')

This query does not compile and give me error of "Invalid column name 'RANK'"

Please suggest.

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The rank function doesn't work with the CONTAINS query. You'll have to use CONTAINSTABLE to get the rank. See here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc879245.aspx.

Should look something like this:

SELECT Mas_text.*, k.rank
FROM Mas_text 
    INNER JOIN CONTAINSTABLE(Mas_text, text, 'Wanted and Engineers') k
    ON Mas_text.primarykey = k.[Key]
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