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I'm currently designing my very first Website for a small business Intranet (5 pages). Can anyone recommend the best way to manage content for the Company News section? I don't really want to get involved in day to day content updates so something that would be simple for the Marketing guy to create and upload a simple news article, perhaps created in MS Word, lets assume the author has no html skills. I've read about Content Management systems but A. I won't get any funding for purchase and B: Think it's a bit overkill for a small 5 page internal website.

It's been an unexpected hurdle in my plans, for something that I'd assumed would be a fairly common functionality I can't seem to find any definitive articles to suit my needs.

I'm open to suggestions (even if it's confirmation that a CMS is the only way to go).

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Try Pixie CMS, small, simple and free. – Lazarus May 9 '12 at 8:32
You might find some pointers here: stackoverflow.com/questions/10402468/… – Chris Summers May 9 '12 at 17:37

Your requirements are : small site, no budget and the need for it to be easy for the marketing guy to upload a news item.

My recommendation would be to go with an all in one CMS e.g wordpress which has the kind of functionality you're talking about out of the box.

My guess is this organisation is just getting into "intranets" so something quick and simple that can be used to justify expenditure if value is returned is the key. Perhaps look at a plugin that automatically emails a summary of the blog posts to all employees once a week would be useful ?

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