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I use the software SQuirreL SQL Client Version 3.2.1 and I want to declare variable like

define dateFrom = '13/04/2012';
define dateTo = '13/04/2012'

And to use it in my sql query like that

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE TRUNC(column_name) BETWEEN to_date('&dateFrom','YYYY-MM-DD') AND to_date('&dateTo','YYYY-MM-DD');

But it doesn't work. How can I define and use variable in SQuirreL.

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SQuirreL is a client, not the actual RDBMS. What RDBMS are you calling? That is, the variable will be declared in the SQL you send from SQuirreL to the RDBMS –  gbn May 9 '12 at 8:46
I'm calling a Oracle database. –  BasicCoder May 9 '12 at 10:14
What error message are you getting? The format mask reads 'YYYY-MM-DD', whereas your constant values are formatted 'DD/MM/YYYY'. Did you try that format in the query? –  Joseph B Feb 18 at 19:24

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Maybe not quite what you want, but have you tried loading plugin 'sqlparam'? It offers variable substition, e.g.

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE TRUNC(column_name) BETWEEN :dateFrom and :dataTo

When running this query Squirrel will ask for values.

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