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In my installer there is a screen with textfields whitch appears several times in a loop to configure different instances of services. For cleanliness i want to save those values in a String array.

How do i bind the specific index of the array to the texfield? What do i write into the 'variable name' field of the textfield?

I've tried all possible combinations like ${installer:vars[0]}, but none of them worked.

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will you plz let us know in which technology your working? –  Mayur Birari May 9 '12 at 13:26

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This kind of binding is not possible directly. You have to bind the text field to a temporary variable, say tempVar and in the validation expression of the screen you have to push it into a list variable, say myList with the following code:

List values = (List)context.getVariable("myList");
if (values == null) {
    values = new ArrayList<String>();
    context.setVariable("myList", values);
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