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We've inherited a codebase with a lot of naked if statements, like so:

if (some_condition)

Our house style forbids this, so I'd like (if possible) for it to be a compiler warning. Can I do that in XCode, and if so, how?

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No you can't. You need to look at some reformatting tools that support Objective-C and reformat your code outside of Xcode. – trojanfoe May 9 '12 at 9:54

trojanfoe is right, there's no way to get a warning. You can check that by putting -Weverything in your "Build Settings" in "Other Warning Flags".

Uncrustify is a pretty good code beautifier for many languages, including Objective-C. The config takes some time to setup, for your if-statements you want:

# Add or remove braces on single-line 'if' statement. Will not remove the braces if they contain an 'else'.
mod_full_brace_if                        = force
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This can be done with ObjClean

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