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i want to visualize our SOA services as graph. we have business services and domain services.

                        -> domain service 1
e.g. business service 1 -> domain service 2
                        -> domain service 3

i currently use graphviz/dot to generate the graph - all good so far. the graph is quite big. now i am looking for a tool that allows me to genereate "interactive" graphs where i can click on a node (a business service) and it will be centered into the view and all its dependencies (other nodes) are aligned around it.

is there any library that can do that? i already looked at "JUNG" and did't find an example that achieves this.

looking forward to your replies

marcel ps: if there are non java tools i would also be interested

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In Java



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cool. i will have a look at them. – Marcel May 11 '12 at 15:48

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