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I have a url, like an string


I want to grab "mykeyword" as it is the value for keyword query part and I just have the url as an sting not the php page code for index.php

I know I should do stuff with string match and some php functions like "preg_match" but I dont know how to use thme

maybe I should cut off the url to parts joining with "&" and go to the value after "="

any help would be appreciated

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If you have the URL as string you can use parse_str.

$str = "http://www.php.net/index.php?page=mypage&keywords=mykeyword&title=mytitle";


echo $keywords;

If you want to request it from URL you can use $_REQUEST['keywords']


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I never used it, but this function looks very promising:


And i recommend using the output parameter variable to keep your $_GET and $_POST variables untouched.

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