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I am required to pick up java (with basic previous experiences) + 1 specific application framework, having spending most of my times in Python and Django. Chose Spring mainly due to my requirements.

May I know what could be the equivalent of Django's development server in Java so I can easily run and check my Java code?

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You can deploy a web app using Spring to any Java EE app server. I'd say that the simplest choice would be Tomcat, the Apache servlet/JSP engine.

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I would also suggest Jetty which is a lightweight servlet container like Tomcat, but keep in mind the problems regarding deployment of Java EE applications mentioned in this thread Can Jetty be used as a Java EE lightweight application server?.

Another alternative is Glassfish.

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If you are working with netbeans then Glassfish is a good fit since there is very good integration between the two.

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