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I need to remove amp; from value in mvc3 razor

@Microsoft.Web.Helpers.Video.Flash("/Content/flash/tc.swf", width: "790", height: "150", options: new { FlashVars = "root=/Content/flash/modeli&butt_info=/Content/flash/modeli/btn_1.png&butt_info_over=/Content/flash/modeli/btn_1_1.png&butt_build=/Content/flash/modeli/btn_2.png&butt_build_over=/Content/flash/modeli/btn_2_1.png&tit=/Content/flash/modeli/main_title.png&txt=Fiat Gama&macchine=/Content/flash/modeli/00.png,/Content/flash/modeli/01.png&stitolo=/Content/flash/modeli/car_title.jpg,/Content/flash/modeli/car_title.jpg&codici_rif=201,196&CarNames=201,196"})

in browser & is encoded like & and then swf file cant recognize the value

I tried @html.raw and other solution that I find on web but it dosent work.

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possible duplicate of ASP.NET MVC URL decode – Jim G. Sep 14 '12 at 14:29

Try Server.HtmlDecode("...") or HttpUtility.UrlDecode("...").

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