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i want to add a javascript code , which i getting from the server to my view .

is this possible .

i am doing this


        var address = jQuery('#business-address').val();
        var city = jQuery('.city').val();
        var state = jQuery('.state').val();
        var country = jQuery('.country').val();

        var address_string = address+","+city+","+state+","+country;

              type: "post",
              url: baseurl+"home/auth/create_google_map_from_address",
              success: function(data,status){

                  var data_array = JSON.parse(data);                  

                  var latitude = data_array['map']['markers']['marker_0'].latitude;
                  var longitude = data_array['map']['markers']['marker_0'].longitude;
                  var map_js = data_array['map'].js;
                  var map_html = data_array['map'].html;



i am getting a javasript code to variable map_js

i want to add this code to the html page ,

currently i am using jQuery('#gmap_js').html(map_js);

but it is not working , how to do this .

this is map_js

enter image description here

please help...........

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Check This page..

Hope this provides you with answer

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You can do it this way, make you use escape character back slash \ where you need as you will see in the example code.

var map_js = '<script language="javascript" type="text\/javascript"> alert("Js");<\/script>'


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