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How do I programmatically display a buffer in a window other than the current, similar to the behaviour of Emacs' grep next-error. I want this to work in the most recent Emacs 24.1. Note that this logic recently was modified in Emacs trunk and merged into a single function display-buffer with quite complicated calling semantics. I find it hard to figure out how use display-buffer even after having read the help on it several times. Why isn't there a wrapper function for this such as display-buffer-other-window?

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The lengthy docstring to display-buffer includes the following:

The ACTION argument to `display-buffer' can also have a non-nil and non-list value. This means to display the buffer in a window other than the selected one, even if it is already displayed in the selected window. If called interactively with a prefix argument, ACTION is t.

Therefore to display a specified buffer in a window other than the current, you can use:

(display-buffer BUFFER-OR-NAME t)
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How does this differ in behaviour from (pop-to-buffer BUFFER 'other-window)? –  Nordlöw May 9 '12 at 12:53
display-buffer does not select the window. pop-to-buffer calls display-buffer, and then selects the window. Note that the 'other-window ACTION is identical to using t (i.e. "a non-nil and non-list value"), and does not result in the other-window function being used to determine the window, as it might look; it just causes inhibit-same-window to be set. –  phils May 9 '12 at 21:16

The Emacs sources gave me the answer

(pop-to-buffer BUFFER 'other-window)
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And the wrapper exists, BTW, it's called switch-to-buffer-other-window.

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