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Initially I had this following question:

Add multiple GroupName in textbox.

  1. The GroupName can be separated by "," / "or" / "OR".
  2. Input should not start with or end with "," / "or" / "OR".


GroupName, GroupName or GroupName OR GroupName 
GroupName, GroupName, GroupName, GroupName or GroupName

For this i found the answer as


How to modify this reqular expression to support or OR keywords as prefix. Also there cannot be two consecutive prefix, eg:

or or GroupName

(Above example is not valid input.)

Can anyone help me out in this? Thanks in advance.

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Why not use Regex.Split and then simplify it so your pattern is only the tokens?

So you would say something like

string[] substrings = Regex.Split(input, "[\w]?(OR|,)[\w]?", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);

Then just discard the empty substrings rather than worrying about preventing empty items. This approach, incidentally, will pull out the delimiter into the result array because they are a capture group, but the linked documentation shows how to avoid that.

Also, because it ignores whitespace it might pull out a result like "Oregon" as "OR" and "Egon" so you might want to force whitespace matches for the "Or" operator, although I would avoid it for "," as people may well use that without spaces.

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