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Mongodb mapreduce function does not provide any way to skip record from database like find function. It has functionality of query, sort & limit options. But I want to skip some records from the database, and I am not getting any way to it. please provide solutions.

Thanks in advance.

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Ideally a well-structured map-reduce query would allow you to skip particular documents in your collection.

Alternatively, as Sergio points out, you can simply not emit particular documents in map(). Using scope to define a global counter variable is one way to restrict emit to a specified range of documents. As an example, to skip the first 20 docs that are sorted by ObjectID (and thus, sorted by insertion time):

db.collection_name.mapReduce(map, reduce, {out: example_output, sort: {id:-1}, scope: "var counter=0")}; 

Map function:

    counter ++;
    if (counter > 20){
        emit(key, value);
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Thanks for this, this is what i want. –  Onkar Janwa May 10 '12 at 5:27

If you don't want to process some document, just don't emit anything in map() function. That'll effectively skip it.

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I'm not sure since which version this feature is available, but certainly in MongoDB 2.6 the mapReduce() function provides query parameter:

query : document

Optional. Specifies the selection criteria using query operators for determining the documents input to the map function.


Consider the following map-reduce operations on a collection orders that contains documents of the following prototype:

     _id: ObjectId("50a8240b927d5d8b5891743c"),
     cust_id: "abc123",
     ord_date: new Date("Oct 04, 2012"),
     status: 'A',
     price: 25,
     items: [ { sku: "mmm", qty: 5, price: 2.5 },
              { sku: "nnn", qty: 5, price: 2.5 } ]

Perform the map-reduce operation on the orders collection using the mapFunction2, reduceFunction2, and finalizeFunction2 functions.

db.orders.mapReduce( mapFunction2,
                   out: { merge: "map_reduce_example" },
                   query: { ord_date:
                              { $gt: new Date('01/01/2012') }
                   finalize: finalizeFunction2

This operation uses the query field to select only those documents with ord_date greater than new Date(01/01/2012). Then it output the results to a collection map_reduce_example. If the map_reduce_example collection already exists, the operation will merge the existing contents with the results of this map-reduce operation.

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