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I am using JQM and building a large lists of contacts from a webSQL database. Currently the process is painfully slow so I am trying to use a template to see how this affects performance.

I cannot figure out how to use a Jquery template with a WebSQL ResulSet.

This is the code so far:

function (tx, result)
    var markup = '<li><a href="#contact">${result.Name}</a></li>';
    $.template("contactTemplate", markup);
    $.tmpl("contactTemplate", /* What goes here? */).appendTo($list);
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Ok, Jquery template expects an array. Therefore the following works:

var contacts = [];

for (i = 0; i < result.rows.length; i++)

var markup = '<li><a href="#contact">${Name}</a></li>';
$.template("contactTemplate", markup);

$.tmpl("contactTemplate", contacts).appendTo($list);

This approach has very little impact on performance. Building the list is equally slow.

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