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I have a JSON string that looks like this:


In Javascript, I'm trying to output the strings by category (cat1-3), this is my code so far.

$.post(loadUrl, function(data){

    $("#result").html("<p>Cat1: " + data.cat1 + "</p><p>Cat2: " + data.cat2 + "</p>");


I would normally not use JSON (Usually JSTL) but since I want to learn AJAX, I want to try output the cat1-3 values by the key, which I keep getting "undefined".

I was using this as a guide to get the values:

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@Felix Kling - yep you were right, I had to parse the JSON string. var item = jQuery.parseJSON(data); – Mike May 9 '12 at 11:12

Try below script

va response =  {"cat1":"m1","cat2":["d1","d2","d3"],"cat3":["m1","m2","m3","m4"]}

var obj = jQuery.parseJSON(response);


it will return m1

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var a = JSON.parse("{\"cat1\":\"m1\",\"cat2\":[\"d1\",\"d2\",\"d3\"],\"cat3\":[\"m1\",\"m2\",\"m3\",\"m4\"]}"); 

for(key in a)
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Why not '{"cat1":"m1","cat2":["d1","d2","d3"],"cat3":["m1","m2","m3","m4"]}' instead of escaping every single quotation mark – Lipis May 9 '12 at 11:14
sure even better – MikePatel May 9 '12 at 11:33

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