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I am using Spring 3.05 and DWR verison 3.0rc1 in my application for making AJAX calls, In local envirnoment ie- Eclipse & Tomcat Server its working fine but in Clustered Envirnoment I am getting following errors while invoking DWR and script error is coming saying dwr not defined but I am able to see myApplication/dwr/index.html properly.

Error Log:

Skipping 'script' due to NoClassDefFoundError on org.directwebremoting.create.ScriptedCreator. Cause: org/apache/bsf/BSFException

Skipping 'pageflow' due to ClassNotFoundException on org.directwebremoting.beehive.PageFlowCreator. Cause: Beehive/Weblogic jar file not available.

adding creator type: none = class org.directwebremoting.create.NullCreator

adding creator type: new = class org.directwebremoting.create.NewCreator

Please help me out

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Looks to me that jars are not included in the classpath. Can you please check whether it is included?

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They are included in class path orelse my Java file of DWR would have given error and the maven build is also successful.. In my eclipse its working fine but in HTTPS clustered environment its not working. Can anyone tell me how can I put a jar in lib and refer my POM to refer it during build.. I am using Maven build . Please help –  Allam Kumar May 11 '12 at 6:46

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