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I want to write a program in my symfony1.4 project which can return/give the unsecured page's url, how can I write this?

I secured the actions with credentials and i used sfDoctrineGuard for security.

If user is not authorized for any pages then that pages show me 401 code from sfwebresponse.

I gave the credentials for every actions.My first question is

  1. Now how can i test that the actions are secured.
  2. I want to generate a report which contains the every pages url's and respective urls are secured or not?

my routing.yml is like follows:

  class: sfDoctrineRouteCollection
    model:                AnnualPerformanceAppraisalDetails
    module:               AnnualPerformanceAppraisalDetails
    prefix_path:          /AnnualPerformanceAppraisalDetails
    column:               id
    with_wildcard_routes: true

  class: sfDoctrineRouteCollection
    model:                AnnualPerformanceAppraisal
    module:               AnnualPerformanceAppraisal
    prefix_path:          /AnnualPerformanceAppraisal
    column:               id
    with_wildcard_routes: true

  class: sfDoctrineRouteCollection
    model:                ApaQuestionAnswer
    module:               ApaQuestionAnswer
    prefix_path:          /ApaQuestionAnswer
    column:               id
    with_wildcard_routes: true

In my Second(2) question i want a report like follows:

Url: ...../AnnualPerformanceAppraisalDetails
SecurityReport: 401(Athorization requried)

Url: ...../AnnualPerformanceAppraisal
SecurityReport: 401(Athorization requried) or 403 Forbidden

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Please explain more clearly what you wish to accomplish. What have you tried? Do you have any code examples? –  ilanco May 9 '12 at 12:07

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About 1 You can check the status code of the pages. You will need an explicit list of urls to test.

You can probably write something like this :

foreach ($secured_urls as $url) {

About 2 are you trying to build that report from the tests results?

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yes About 2 i want to build that report from the test result. –  Chaity Jun 6 '12 at 3:01

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