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On facebook, if you click on edit picture, you get a menu that offers the option Upload photo. I want to implement something similar on my website. I want the browser's file upload dialog to appear once I click on Upload photo, and I'd like it to automatically be submitted once the user selects a picture. How should this be implemented?

A colleague suggested a hidden div that has with an input field of type file, and to automatically trigger the click event when the user clicks on Upload photo, and then, to listen for the change event on the file field, and submit the form using jquery. What do you think?

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What have you tried? This is too broad a question, try Googling for solutions first - they are out there. – Jon May 9 '12 at 12:17
@Jon, I don't want to blindly implement things. As you can see from the message, I already posted an idea as to how I think it could be done, but I want to see if something better exists. – Geo May 9 '12 at 12:18
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I would look into a file uploader plugin such as plupload. Plupload has several nice features specifically for the uploading of images such as:

  1. Lower the quality of the image to a specific percentage of the original
  2. Resize the image to specific dimensions if possible

Also, I am pretty sure that plupload has a built in option to automatically submit once the user has selected an image.

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