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I have a problem related to Google AppEngine datastore and a GWT client.

I have started from a template project "Android Connected AppEngine " in Eclipse ( using GPE) and advanced by implementing this ( ) project presented at Google I/O 2011 ( ).

After implementing the project, I deployed the application on AppEngine and my Android device.

The problem is the number of datastore reads from the GWT client is very large ( 1/second). What can I do about this? My source code for the GWT client is exactly like the one from the CloudTasksIO project from above.

Bellow are the 2 screenshots from the Dashboard of the application and from the Logs. All the requests came from my browser.


My logs


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This is a Scheduler that calls a method that is querying the datastore and is set to repeat every DELAY_MS, which is set to 1000 here.

You could increase the polling time to reduce datastore reads if you are just following the example. For a real project you probably would want to have the user manually request updates, open a channel, or use some sort of comet solution that allows you to push the updates to the client.

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