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I only want to capture the values of "duration" and "start", so in the example below it would be 288 and 0 respectively.

How do I do this in the this loop?

    onPlaylist: function(event){
                           var arrayTime = jwplayer("container").getPlaylist();
                           var key;
                           for (key in arrayTime){
                               if (!arrayTime.hasOwnProperty(key)){

Here are the console.log results:

{"provider":"video","file":"videos/Set1_mid.flv","image":"thumbs/set1_mid.jpg","description":"5 minute cardio with hand weights", "author":"","duration":288,"title":"04:48","date":"","link":"","type":"video","start":0, "mediaid":"","streamer":"","levels":[{"width":0,"bitrate":0,"url":"videos/Set1_mid.flv"}],"tags":"","index":0}

Your help is appreciated.

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Try jsonpath library. –  kirilloid May 9 '12 at 12:27

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Create a new object with just the data you want.

var item = arrayTime[key];
console.log(JSON.stringify({ duration: item.duration, start: item.start }));
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Thank you Quentin var item = arrayTime[key]; var routineStart, routineDuration; routineStart = JSON.stringify(item.start); routineDuration = JSON.stringify(item.duration); –  Derek May 9 '12 at 13:30

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