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I'm looking to create a common ASP.MVC (c# and razor) base project containing common controllers, _Layout.cshtml, css and js for many of our webapps to extend from.

I thought that using MvcContrib and creating Portable Areas is my best bet

So the folder setup is roughly like this


  • Content
    • js
      • plugins
      • misc
    • images
      • foo
    • css
  • Controllers
  • Views


  • Content
  • Controllers
  • Views

I am registering the BaseProj area by extending PortableAreaRegistration class (as per MvcContrib docs) so this url works...


Looking in the MvcContrib code for PortableAreaRegistration it also registers 3 static routes too (images, styles, scripts) under Content.

Therefore this url works fine too...


also subfolders work fine only if i use a dot instead of a slash... htttp://localhost/MainProj/BaseProj/images/foo.bar.jpg

However its really useful to have subfolders under images, css, js etc for organisation purposes. These subfolders will now 404 though

ie this will not work.... htttp://localhost/MainProj/BaseProj/images/foo/bar.jpg

So the question is how do i map subfolders under images (without the dot notation)? ie so this works.... htttp://localhost/MainProj/BaseProj/images/foo/bar.jpg



Well a bit of thinking and I found a solution. I wonder if this kind of thing might be included in MvcContrib.Portable Areas by default.

First create a catch all route in your BaseProjRegistration.cs to catch all subfolders of Content

public override void RegisterArea(AreaRegistrationContext context, IApplicationBus bus)

        //static controller with catch all for all subfolders of content
           new { controller = "Content", action = "LoadContent", resourcePath =    "Content" }

Then Create a ContentController class in your BaseProj which will extend MvcContrib.PortableAreas.EmbeddedResourceController.

This will convert slashes to dots to load the BaseProj content from the DLL ie /BaseProj/Content/images/foo/bar.jpg => /BaseProj/Content/images.foo.bar.jpg

public class ContentController : MvcContrib.PortableAreas.EmbeddedResourceController

    public ActionResult LoadContent(string resourceName, string resourcePath)
        string actualResourceName = resourceName.Replace("/", ".");
        return base.Index(actualResourceName, resourcePath);

This worked for me, but any other recommnedations of how to setup a common base project for lots of webapps to extend are welcome

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