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I have this jade code:

    | Avatar hosted by
    a(href='http://www.gravatar.com/', target='_blank') Gravatar

The problem is, it's rendered to

<p>Avatar hosted by<a href="http://www.gravatar.com/" target="_blank">Gravatar</a></p>

Which looks like: "Avatar hosted byGravatar".

No matter how many spaces I added at the end of the text line, it still looks like this. The Docs couldn't help me, and I can't imagine this to be such an uncommon problem.

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Which version of jade are you using? I just tested (with 0.25.0) with a single space following 'by', and it worked correctly.

Other options are:

    | Avatar hosted by&nbsp;
    a(href='http://www.gravatar.com/', target='_blank') Gravatar


    | Avatar hosted by
    |  <a href='http://www.gravatar.com/' target='_blank'>Gravatar</a>
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Looks like I didn't add the version constraint in the package.json. – Lambda Dusk May 9 '12 at 12:53
It's nice to know recent versions don't strip all whitespace and newlines from the end of text blocks. – Jim Schubert May 9 '12 at 13:21
it may not strip, but your editor may. It would be nice if there was an easier way. – Joe Mar 3 '15 at 8:47

If you don't want inline HTML or HTML entities in your code this is what you can do:

    | Avatar hosted by
    =  ' '
    a(href='http://www.gravatar.com/', target='_blank') Gravatar

or this is is shorter

p= 'Avatar hosted by '
    a(href='http://www.gravatar.com/', target='_blank') Gravatar

The cleanest is probably this

p Avatar hosted by #{''}
    a(href='http://www.gravatar.com/', target='_blank') Gravatar
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This should be the accepted answer. – Kevin Jun 29 '15 at 14:32

Jade now supports interpolation of inline tags.

p this is #[strong test] of how jade will treat #[i #[u inline tags]]... like #[a(href="/") anchor tags] and #[+a() mixins].


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This should be the newly accepted answer. – Nima Gardideh Jan 22 at 6:03

Are you sure it's not your editor? I use Komodo and it was set to strip trailing whitespace on save. It was stripping the space at the end of my text line when I saved the file. The lack of a space between my text and links was driving me nuts until I figured that out. I changed Komodo's settings (Preferences->Editor->Save Options) to uncheck strip trailing white space, and the problem went away.

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This was my problem also. In Web Storm to disable this go to preferences and search for trailing. On the bottom of the page, under Other there is an option "Strip trailing spaces on Save". – Nikola Lajic Nov 28 '13 at 14:49

I use the space variable at new line. This:

    | You must follow
    a(href=default_url) this link
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As jmar777 pointed out, recent versions of jade should honor trailing whitespace see here. That's awesome, and I may try jade again on future projects.

edit: Updated link to jade parser. Original link was for jade 1.11.

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| a(href='http://www.gravatar.com/', target='_blank') Gravatar will output as is (not as <a href...) – Roman Bekkiev May 2 '14 at 14:50
@RolandBertolom I'm not sure down-voting a question that is two years old because the framework has changed is the right way to handle maintaining consistent historical data. Why not suggest an edit or comment that it has changed? You can see that the accepted answer to this question is exactly the same as mine... obviously Jade has changed. – Jim Schubert May 2 '14 at 21:06
link is out of date – lfender6445 Sep 22 '15 at 14:53
@lfender6445 thanks. I've updated with current version of jade-parser and retained the original link to jade 1.11. – Jim Schubert Sep 23 '15 at 14:44

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